In the great chaos of today, people have trouble finding time for relaxation and regeneration.

Massage, now widely known, is the simplest way to alleviate pain, relax muscles, helps detoxification, stimulate circulation, calm inflammations...

If you are here, on this web page, you are probably wondering why should you pick one of my massages?

I believe that health is the result of well-balanced inner and outer worlds, and that is why I pay special attention to:

• Space arrangement according to the principles of Feng shui, with mandalas of No-sound and Non-space that help you to calm down and descend into your own World

• Vibrations relax and heal, which is the reason why I always use meditative and calming music, or the sounds of Tibetan healing bowls

• Your breathing during the treatment is guided, so you actively take part in the process of regeneration and healing

• Organic oils with eco certificates are created individually, according to specific needs, in order to have optimal effect

• My lifestyle actively helps your relaxation and regeneration – I exercise regularly, I take care of myself through relaxation, personal regeneration and continual learning (more on this in About Me section).

All of these elements together will gently push you towards change. Only then you can strongly and with ease respond to challenges of everyday life.

Balance of the body and the mind can be achieved in many ways. Maybe Balance massage is yours?