The best me, just as I am

Slim figure and beter health in only three months?
The best me, just as I am

Starting tomorrow, I will exercise regularly, I will finally lose those three kilos that are bothering me, I will eat healthier – sounds familiar? What started as a firm decision about the lifestyle change, turned into a nightmare – initial enthusiasm faded, and results are none.

Better health, fit figure and beautiful skin are possible! Three months and an on-line programme that motivates and advises, are all you need. Strength, endurance and better feeling are there. Be just as you are – yourself and the best! To keep fit and healthy, without much time or a fitness club near, is truly a challenge. But, individual approach of the "The best me, just as I am" on-line programme creates a turn point and directs you towards health and fit form, regardless of time, location, or lifestyle. With motivation and support, you will be ready in 90 days.

The secret to beauty and health is in the holistic approach – through healthy nutrition, regular exercise, correct detox, and body care. "The best me, just as I am" contains Health calendar which guides you through a special diet, detox and body care. Avoiding certain foods for brief period of time, and taking supplements, will cleanse your body, and the combination of skin care (masks, dry brushing) and inner detox (detoxification of the body, but also figuring out the patterns that sabotage us) will result in better health, strength, and self satisfaction.

In order to achieve great results, it is important to be dedicated and exercise regularly (whether in fitness club or out in the open). This programme includes three measurings, regular weekly e-mail consultations about all of the activities, and Skype follow-up (1 hour per month). Based on the measurements, the programme adapts to personal goals and needs. Supplements are available through the on-line shop, and nutritionist, phytotherapist, and biotherapist are available on call. Our service is holistic!

This season, the sponsor of “The best me, just as I am" is NIKEL cosmetics, which gifts you their anti-cellulite package.

Program starts on: January 20, March 20, June 20, and September 20 or by appointment.
Series of small, simple steps will improve your health. Join us, better feeling and satisfaction are just around the corner!