Vitality and Progress Package (VIP)

You are stuck in a rut and tired for waiting on a change?
Vitality and Progress

You suffer from fatigue, lack of strength,frequent inflammations, painful back, headaches, stress?

It is time for VIP package, which will help you reach vitality and progress.

Depending on your goal, this package is a combination of: Balance massage with guided breathing and relaxation, sound massage, karmic diagnostics biotherapy, exercises in personal energy strengthening...

Work is active, so trust and openness towards the therapist are necessary, as well as acceptance of your own condition, and a true wish for change. Only then can the patterns which block our health and progress be removed. Apart from physical troubles, we also attend to emotional, and mental aspects of your person.

Through VIP, you learn how to relax, restore yourself, feel your body and its needs – to respect it! By actively working on your person and your inner self, you reach health and satisfaction.

VIP consists of 6 treatments that can be used in 60 days, and 2 months of advice and follow-ups for better adjustment and reaching the goal.