Why don't I have children?

Why ME? Why WE? Are we the worst people in the world?
Why don't I have children?

Each time I went for another new treatment, expecting to get pregnant, I felt horrible and depressive, because people tend to search for the cause of infertility primarily in the woman. Why ME? Why WE? Are we the worst people in the world? Sadly, such questionings are useless. We must adapt and focus on the cause!

Many natural, alternative treatments help couples to increase their fertility, to conceive, and get a healthy baby. Most people turn to these methods only when traditional medicine yields no results. I have also started using alternative methods when I already felt anxiety and anger, vulnerable and tired and alone, without having anyone to ask how it goes. This workshop was created as support and help to every woman, and also every man, who embarks on this journey.

For maximizing the possibility to conceive and give birth to a healthy child, one needs to pay conscious attention at exploring one's body, emotions, thoughts, environment, relationships – everything that may block the cause. Levels in need of exploration are:

PHYSICAL – fertility and health depend on the energy I currently have

Our body is often neglected in our everyday life: where does it hurt? Why? What am I eating? Do I sleep enough? Do I take care of myself? These are only some of the questions that require answering, because not even a car will drive you to your destination without servicing and fuel. Exercises for awakening the body, channelling focus to your body, and better energy flow are all part of this programme.

EMOTIONAL – fertility depends on emotions I feed every day

Only peace and joy are good grounds for good health, all other emotions, such as fear, guilt, bitterness, anger, jealousy, or impatience, are signs that you are not moving in the right direction! These emotions are a sign that something is not right, and by putting light on them, I learn how to transform and release them. In this way, I consciously create and induce optimism, joy, love, peace, and faith. Releasing, breathing exercises, and relaxation are big focal points of this programme.

MENTAL – fertility depends on the attitudes I have

Some patterns I learned in life can be very unhelpful in this kind of situation. It is important to recognize these patterns, and release them. Some examples of bad patterns are: while working this much, I'll never have children; I don't want to be a frustrated mum; we don't have enough money for children and all their needs; this environment is bad for children's growth; I'll have more free time in a couple of years.

Fertility is an issue that needs to be deeply explored: what is holding me back? Am I honest to myself? How can I make my body stronger and my energy levels higher? What makes me happy? Whom can I lean on? Is my partner truly adequate for me? Do I dare to have a child?

Your ways up to now have not worked out. Perhaps you should approach pregnancy in the same way you would approach a vacation – plan it? I can decide right now to dedicate time only to myself, in order to empower my body, mind, and spirit. This is my personal journey, where I will find new strength, power, and abilities! I will give my best to achieve my goal. Many women are going through, or have gone through, the same ordeal. I find my strength in the collective feminine spirit.

Personal growth through “Why don't I have children” programme includes continual support in work on all these before mentioned levels, whether personally or by Skype; guidance through exercises that renew the body and relax the mind... All work is highly individual, thus focused on those segments in need of development and strengthening.

Duration depends on the dynamics that suits the woman, the client. First consultation is free.