Active and Strong

We all have different talents and abilities that we develop through life. If we manifest ourselves only in one segment, many problems arise, and sometimes diseases.
Active and Strong

MY ACTIVE WORLD programme supports your goal and your wish to change. It consists of three workshops and let me present ACTIVE AND STRONG.

Every building needs a strong base to survive time and conditions, so we do. When our body is strong (base) we are vital, agile and healthy. Then we will live actively, age well.

For the majority, workout as a routine is hard. It is very important to know what are your body possibilities (age, body measurement, current limits) and we will explore together what activities are right for you. You will try targeted exercise to improve your posture and reduce back pain, core exercise and flexibility and stretching. Once you find the activity you like - training can be interesting, fun, energizing, and safe. Exercise is a lifelong love of movement that will help you maintain good health,and we will get you to that!

Food is our fuel, and good nutrition is vital to your health at any age. We will explore your eating habits, and you will learn all about purchase, planning and organizing healthy meals. You will learn about tasty foods that boost your energy and health. A social group will be organized after this workshop for us to discuss daily meal plans and ideas.

Changing your eating habits, you will cleanse your body. Persons with medical symptoms will work with our partners, Snježana (phytotherapist from Bioterra) and nutritionist Nenad (Bratković from Nutriklinike).

Body recovery is a year long activity, not just something we do for our summer leave. When you give enough time and effort to sleep, activities in nature, active breathing and relaxation, your body will show hidden potentials and will spark in many ways. You will meet rituals, exercise and techniques to recover your body and mind.

Me time is something we often do not have. This part will be focused on your skin to get it radiant and healthy. You will get simple recipes to prepare your own peeling and essential oils blends to reduce cellulite, improve circulation... All ingredients you will find in your kitchen. Detox inside and out will result in better health, and feeling good.

The secret of beauty and health lies in a holistic approach - healthy eating, regular exercise, detox and body care! With small steps, simply implementing, your overall health becomes better, reaching a fit body. Your satisfaction and better self esteem will be noticeable to you and others!

ACTIVE AND STRONG workshops will be held on January 16, 2021. from 10am till 1pm.

and again on:
February 16, 2021. from 10am till 1pm
March 13, 2021. from 10am till 1pm
April 10, 2021. from 10am till 1pm

All you need is a Zoom application.
Price is 300kn, and for early subscribrictions (7 days earlier) 199kn.
After applying you will receive a questionnaire, and your info will be incorporated into this workshop.
You can also be ACTIVE AND STRONG
Join me!