Biotherapy Karmic Diagnostic

* Every person has a biofield, containing all of the information about us and the condition of our body.
Bioterapija karmičke dijagnostike

In our lives, there are ups and downs. There are moments of happiness and huge energy levels, and it its great to experience them, but there are also moments when, deep inside, one feels stuck, completely blocked, like standing in place, burdened with a problem or physical discomfort.

One of the methods I love to turn to in such situations is a method of biotherapy called karmic diagnostics.

Karmic diagnostics is a contemporary method of energy healing, according to which our health is the result of the harmony within us, love towards ourselves, and the environment in which we live in.

Otherwise, each discomfort, trauma, negative thought such as anger, rage, disappointment, hurt or guilt, creates a layer of stale energy which then further attracts new negativity, creating a vicious circle. Incorrect actions and thoughts create destruction, which then controls and affects one's biofield*! Without solving the root cause, this problem only repeats itself or changes its form.

During a biotherapy by karmic diagnostics session, the therapist (in this case, I) searches for the source of the problem, and the client him/herself releases and heals. By accepting a new outlook, one changes the mode he/she lives in, his/her health, and finally, his/her destiny.

Ancient cultures (China and India) had a holistic approach to health, which is also the approach used in this method. That means taking the responsibility for your own life, thoroughly analysing all the segments of life (nutrition, exercise, socialization, family, work...) and adapting some of them to your own wishes and goals. One must actively pay attention to his/her reactions throughout the day, notice the ways they communicate with other people (is it with love or with aggression, or judgement, or cynicism, etc.), with certain groups (do they accept differences, other nations, symbols...), and also the way they treat themselves, their family, parents... everybody.

Many health issues (allergies, cold, PMS, thyroid conditions, infertility, cysts, migraine, back or muscle tension, insomnia, or fatigue) are easily alleviated and resolved by biotherapy.

Health, personality and destiny are intertwined. An old saying perfectly explains everything: Sweep in front of your own door first! If one regularly works on his/her situations and problems, then he/she does not occupy with other people's issues. I follow my own gut feeling, I take care of my health, I care about others... In this way, every situation and person that crosses my way becomes a teacher. Understanding oneself, harmonizing oneself, and constantly working on oneself – these are the ways in which biotherapy makes lives and relationships better.

You need a change, harmony in your relationships, or better health? Change is only a step away!