Gabrijela - Strengthening Personal Power

Relax yourself, organize yourself, put yourself in the first place!
Gabrijela - jačanje osobne energije

There are many excuses for the imbalance of the body: quick-paced lifestyle, obligations, lack of time or money are the most common ones! The real question, though, is: when did I lose touch with my body, why am I ignoring its signals, am I willing to get better, and what do I have to do to get back into balance?

Headache, insomnia, allergies, back pain, PMS are only some of the troubles usually ignored – instead, they should be viewed as symptoms which do not lie, as indicators that something is going on.

Our body is fantastic and unique, it warns us with symptoms much sooner than the physical problems appear. The journey towards better health starts with paying attention to your body, listen to its whispers, learn to understand and respect it.

If you have forgotten how to do it, start with a decision – take care of yourself, regardless of time, job, family, responsibilities. Our body is the only thing which we truly own!

It is generally accepted that the mind controls the body. Ancient cultures (China, India) have acknowledged the benefits of excercise as to prevent illness. If energy level in our body is low, and its flow blocked, we don't feel well and our psychophysical condition is bad. If our energy level is high, and it flows undisturbed, we are healthy and feel well.

Energy exercises (do in, tai chi, yoga, tibetans...) include light activity, breath, and body awareness. They also improve body posture, joint mobility, flexibility, strength, concentration, relaxation.

Gabrijela is a workshop which will teach you techniques and exercises for body renewal. Education consists of energy flow exercises, grounding exercises, breathing exercises, mental renewal and emotion transformation exercises, and relaxation exercises.. The specific combination of these exercises will renew both your body and your mind, improve your health, raise optimism, and empower you on your path to improvement. Once you comprehend and learn these methods, you will forever own the tool for keeping yourself in good health.

If your current lifestyle has lead you to this moment, to illness, then your lifestyle is in dire need for change! Gabrijela acts as a illness prevention, but it is also a great supportive system when the illness has already taken hold. True, it would be so much easier to pop a pill, get a shot, but is that really a long-term solution? Sweeping the dust under the carpet is definitely not a solution!

If you are still in doubt, ask yourself: what would I say to my best friend? “Relax yourself, organize yourself, put yourself in the first place. Many beautiful and joyful years are in front of you, you should take care of yourself in order to enjoy them.” Most probably, you will choose the same for yourself.