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Racing against time, feeling exhausted and unmotivated, having a chocking feeling in your neck and chest, with no sense of direction – does this sound familiar? It is time for a change!

Our physical and spiritual health are intrinsically linked. It's necessary to keep balance between them is order to progress. MY ACTIVE WORLD is a unique, holistic approach that will guide, inspire and encourage you toward better health and life!

1. Physical activity and regular exercise are obligatory! You will discover activity that will make you happy and satisfied!

2. You are what you eat, so you will track your diet and water intake, recognize food with highest value, plan better your grocery lists,... You will have more energy and get healthy eating habits.

3. Being happy, when the World around us is sometimes hard, is not easy. You will learn to focus on important values: family, friends, social life (not on FB or Instagram), culture, nature,.. ! You will learn appreciate more yourself and people around you.

4. Detox is an effective way to clear your body of toxins. This will also speed up your metabolism and enhance your overall health. Your skin will become healthier so as your body (and mind).

5. Personal Development will bring more success to you in various areas of life. You will become aware of your talents, hidden ideas and skills, become more productive, confident and successful. You will improve your relationships, health and financial position.

Program includes:

- Fitness and Lifestyle Questionnaire – you will complete it on monthly basis

- Membership in Mofit fitness club (one of the top clubs in Croatia); if not in Zagreb his can be adjusted

- Nutrition advice (focus on quality, what to buy, where, practical nutrition tips, recipes), and guidance on Supplements

- Activity Calendar – guidance, inspiration and ideas how to enhance your health

- Individual and group work – you learn techniques to increase Energy Level

- Personal trainer at your disposal to inspire, coach, and support

- One treatment (Balance massage or Biotherapy) per month

- Constant education through articles and Blogs

- Life coaching – will empower and encourage you to live a life you wanted

It is possible to live a happier life! MY ACTIVE WORLD safely leads you to become better, stronger person, and to reach your full potential!

If you are still in doubt, here are some facts:

• remind yourself of number of failed Diet attempts

• almost 90% of population (in Cro) consume less fruits and vegetable than advised per day

• every second citizen in CRO dies of heart disease

• exercise helps and reduces back pain

Duration: six months
Starts: on September 2018., and every 01 st of month until June 2019.
Price: upon request
Inquiry: or mob. +385 91 6612 092
Partners in this program:
NUTRIKLINIKA - Nenad Bratković, Nutritionist (
BIOTERRA - Snježana Kolobarić, Herbalist (

Stress at work, tiredness and depression were my reasons for a change. MY ACTIVE WORLD was created on my personal experience, but also incorporates knowledge gained through work with my clients. You can change your life! Just as I did!