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For greater Health and Happiness
My Active World<

Things that have been neglected for a long time like exhaustion, fatigue, dissatisfaction, work overload, pleasing others, priorities not set properly... have brought many people to the edge of burn out.

If you also recognize yourself here, it is time for a change!

Living a happier, fulfilled and satisfied life is possible. Yes, true, you will have to give some effort and make some changes, but if others could have done it - so can you!

I present you MY ACTIVE WORLD, a programme that affects physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This holistic programme originates from my learning experience and personal development in the last 20 years. It will encourage changes, support you, and direct into great prosperity.

MY ACTIVE WORLD leads you to a healthier body, better metabolism, optimal weight, nice and radiant skin, better relationships with yourself and others, strong self esteem, high energy levels and better dealing with stress.

With this comprehensive approach you will improve your health and glow from the inside out!

MY ACTIVE WORLD consists of three workshop:


Here you will create a strong base for your body to stay healthy, vital and young. Physical activity and regular exercise are inevitable, therefore you will explore what activity motivates you, and learn all benefits of exercise according to your age and current possibilities.

Balanced nutrition is the second most important factor for your health. You will learn all about supply, organization and planning a healthy diet for the weeks in front. By introducing food supplements you will cleanse your body and skin and rejuvenate completely

You will support your body in recovery also with breathing exercise and relaxation, with a focus on nature and sleeping. You will meet new rituals, exercises and techniques in order to reach and maintain high fitness levels and wellness.

YOU can also be active and strong!


With a strong base you can travel through life nicely. But for those who want to reach specific goals and progress at a more advanced stage, additional work, intensive and deep on subtle levels will be needed.

THE BEST VERSION OF ME workshop helps you to accept and love yourself (your bright and dark side) unconditionally. Here you will recognize the pattern of thinking and transform limiting beliefs that are blocking you from progress. You will learn techniques and tools to restore your emotional and mental strength, also to boost your energy level and keeping balance in life. Self reflection, healthy habits, clear goals, will become your regular routines in reaching charged life

The power of success if within you!


We are all bridges between Heaven and Earth, and we find our strength within. Here you will learn more on body energy features, how to reach full potential and maintain high levels all the time.

By accepting the Divine within, you will find joy in strength, and will progress with ease for the benefits of yourself and others.

Your world is active on all levels!

These three workshops can be taken individually or followed from ACTIVE AND STRONG to the last one. Special thanks to my partners here Phytotherapists and Nutricionists you might as well work with.

If you want to improve your health, raise quality of life and introduce new habits that support joy and happiness - join me.

October 10, 2020.
November 7, 2020.
December 12, 2020.
Please send you questions and enrollments to or call at +385 91 6612 092