Each one of us has his/her own path

Each one of us has his/her own path. Our paths sometimes meet, just like the tree roots under the ground: they intertwine, touch, stay together for a while, and then continue again separated.

There are many types of paths. Travelling with family is a different experience than a weekend with friends. Those are paths on which I expect only joy, fun, and comfort. But, there is also a path which my soul craves for. Some inner force drags me to a certain place, with no reason or sense, like a magnet. This is the path you must allow yourself to take, because there lies the greatest growth, and the greatest lesson.

In mid 2017, in May, I embark on a new journey, on new PATH. I invite you to join me on this adventure. What will you find there, why are you attracted to the same, or how we fit together – I do not know. You will explore many levels of your being, go through inner transformation, and turn violent energies into energies of peace. Just like me.

As you dive into yourself, there's no one else to follow, but yourself! That takes a lot of courage. To exit the darkness, imposed habits, and dream – it is not easy.

To live in illusion, means to live in vain. And the World is such a beautiful challenge! By discovering myself, I wake up, I grow in huge steps, and life becomes beautiful, full of ease, abundance, and joy.

It is time to get moving.