Travel and find - Yourself!

Travel and find - Yourself!

When I travel, I allow myself to detach from everything: I go to sleep when I want to, I try not to read e-mails, or to think about work or political situation. During my stay in another country or city, my focus is on the people and their traditions. By watching them, and the ways they work and react to their surroundings, new questions arise in my mind, giving me the opportunity to continually discover and change myself!

Health and outer world replicate one's inner condition, and our soul shows its needs through our body. Free will and having an option can both give or take one's personal strength. Dissatisfaction, pain, illness, and uncomfortable situations indicate if the direction is correct. By revealing uncomfortable emotions and mental beliefs, and transforming them, we are changing the world for the better!

When I am away from my everyday life, I see things more clearly. That is why you should always separate some time only for yourself when you travel to our city. Observe yourself with distance from friends and family, and ask yourself what do you want, and do you have it. What are these people here trying to teach you?

Whatever your goal is – more energy, new job, better relationships, releasing grief, moving house, having children – our work is mutual, depending on available time and techniques that promote progress.

To listen to one's body is only a decision. But, when you take the helm of your life in your own hands, you will find out how nice and pleasant is to sail AND have effect on the final result.

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