Do I need a Life Coach?

When I ask someone “What is your life goal?” the answer is mostly - silence. Does this mean you gave up your dreams, yourself? Are you hiding behind work, family and duties? Are you satisfied with your life?

Life Coach

True, the majority I know are calm and satisfied in their comfort zone.

But, what if you want more? There are many obstacles: I am exhausted, my schedule now is already full, logistics for children's care even now is terrible, ... where to squeeze new ideas and projects?

Your wish shapes on and gets stronger.

You might be angry on your spouse because he/she does not understand your path. Or you blame your parents because they do not support you as expected? More questions arise: Why to take more risks, invest time and money into education you do (not) need?

The right questions to ask are: Why do you expect your family should support you in reaching our goals? Why you doubt your goal? Who can say your goal is right or wrong? Why others should boost your energy and optimisms on this path? Maybe you will find support somewhere else!

We are responsible for our own happiness, emotions, life and progress.

How about having a session with a Life Coach? An educated person, objective and supportive who will help you recognize your dreams, reach your goals?

Invested time and money in this session is less than giving up on you, right?

1) RELEASE YOUR BELIEFS: Search for beliefs that are not helping you now, like: only people with big problems work with a Coach, I am too old for this, Coaching is expensive, I can not find a reliable one nearby,..

Cause researches show the following:

– we all sometimes need support in life

– talking to educated specialist helps us define what we want and how to reach it, and than we progress faster and easier

– coaching is popular in all age groups

– location is not a problem as you can work online (by Skype, Zoom), it is practical, time effective and cheaper.

Successful people do not complain, but always ask themselves what can I do better, they correct their habits, follow their discipline everyday, and progress daily.

2) FIND YOUR COACH: Take into consideration your goal and find the right person to work with. Google, ask around, define what kind of person he/she needs to be. Healthy, joyful, educated, good motivator, successful? And than suddenly, you will find her/him, someone will mention them, you will find a leaflet,...

3) BE READY FOR ACTION: A good Coach asks questions, invites for action, pushes you to learn and change. You need to be devoted and focused. The real goal is to work on your progress, to feel better in our own skin, but also to be better and more loving and supportive with others.

4) THIS JOURNEY IS HARD: And while hard work is still ahead, and first problems occur (family starts to complain, emotions appear,..) it would be easier to blame certain situation, environment, destiny and give up. By taking responsibility, you lead your life and choose your direction. Day after day you grow, learn and change. You become more positive, stronger, in harmony, and a good example to others. You gain your self esteem, self respect, feel better and have more energy, being open minded...all the time. Through many small changes you raise quality of life, partnership and relationship with yourself!

And let me now present myself... maybe this is your lead in finding a Life Coach?

My name is Klara, I am trainer and bio therapist. I work with people who want to improve their health (reduce weight, or stress, find balance between work and private time, improve fertility and reach pregnancy,..)

In this work I use healing techniques: Soulwork, Karmic diagnostic and Mental training.

Depending on your goal, we start analyzing current habits and beliefs, and changing those into new, healthier ones. For some this means: introducing regular meals, implementing multiple-short recovery time through the day, or starting with exercise (walks, training in gym or sth), following emotions through the day...

In my work I combine body care routine, but also your inner peace acitivites (relaxation, breathing exercise, visualization etc). We communicate and talk on weekly basis, and sometime on daily.

Your health is a summery of all activities you do, and I will push you (gently) into those you need. I work with nutritionist, herbal therapist, hypnotherapist, shiatsu practitioner, ... We will together locate activities which support you body in the best possible way!

You can expect hard work, pain sometime, strong and full-filling process. Is this your sign? Write on and let's start!

Author: Klara Benko

"Ako želiš promijeniti svoj život, nikad nije kasno početi raditi na sebi. Upravo tamo, u dubini, naći ćeš sve potrebno za zdravlje i dug život. Rado ću ti pomoći na tom putu".

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September 25, 2017


Od Najbolje sam dobila tijelo koje ima energije, glavu koja razmišlja o hrani, metabolizam koji je stabilan i redovit, recepte, znanje o zlom svijetu koji nas hrani kapitalizmom, a ne pravom pšenicom.


September 20, 2017


Zelena soba je moja čahura, moje mjesto za obnovu, odmor. Volim dolaziti jer Klara uvijek pokaže da mari i brine za svoje klijente.


September 11, 2017


Termin Klarine masaža ne propuštam! To je tretman za moje tijelo i duh.


August 20, 2017


Danas nakon tr​eninga sam se opet izmjerila i izvagal​a​.​ ​Zna​č​i, smr​š​avila sam preko 3 kg​. ​Odu​š​evljena sam!