Why Are Your Mornings Important

Gadgets are part of our lives, we can not live without a cell. Everybody uses it: children, adults, grandmothers...

morning routine

We use it as a wake up alarm, as a reminder, we monitor our daily activities…

For all those benefits, many enter the day by taking a cell and give a glance at their status. But researches show this look, often takes too long!

Well organized day, with focus on priorities, wakening physical and mental energy guarantee a more productive and joyful day! That is why high performers are disciplined about their mornings!

So it is worth asking yourself - how do my mornings look? Do I wake up easily? Am I tired? Do I eat good food to give me fuel for the day? Do I have time to get some fresh air or I just run into this day? Am I under stress well before 8am?

Year has 356 mornings, or 3560 days in 10 years, and what we do with those days is important! BUT not all days are the same. When on leave I want to rest, enjoy the gastronomy of the new country, explore new locations…. and my routine during working days is different!

By answering the following question you will get an idea how your morning should look: What do I want now? More health? More productivity? How much sleep do I need? What is important to me in the morning? Do I need more time to prepare myself before going…

Throughout years we learn about ourselves, and we know how we sabotage healthy habits. Anticipate your actions, by using tricks: set your alarm in the hallway if you get up hard and tend to snooze alarm on, prepare breakfast (or partly) the evening before, ...

Once you adjust your primary needs, maybe you will notice you have 15min time to read or fast stretching exercise? Statistics show that 6% of people read in the morning, 59% exercise, 10% meditate, while 49% spend time with a family member. Which one of these resonate with you?

Healthy habits improve our health and good feelings, and also help us create loving relationships with ourselves to achieve our dreams. These habits are proved to help:

1. Enter your day with movement - yoga, stretching, tai chi - whatever suits you is good

2. Time for yourself - reading, thinking, listening to music - enriches our inner world

3. Silence to reset - breathing, meditation, journaling - the moment to feel what your Soul really wants

4. Energy for the day - poor breakfast quality or none gives you no energy for the day

Today my mornings are more delightful than before. Through time I realized I need at least 8h of sleep, often 9h to function at my best. My work involves lots of exercise and theparies, which is physically tiring.

Before leaving my apartment, I plan 90min to get ready: 30min walking dog, 30 min lunch, and 30 min to prepare. Less than this makes me nervous.

Since majority of my activities start in the late afternoon and evening, my mornings are flexible: I wake up around 6:30am (with no alarm), than I have an espresso and read a book (15min), walking a dog or pilates (30min), 5 minutes Journal, and planning for the day, a phone call to my family and I start at 9am.

What will your routine look like? As you choose. Be creative, as routine needs to be aligned with your needs. Do not compare with others, but slowly introduce habits depending on your goals! Use small steps and be patient. It takes 3 months, in the general population, to set new habits!

Well set morning routine will bring you pleasure, inner peace, more confidence and productivity and harmonized relationships. I am convinced you can make it, and the invested effort soon will pay off! Good luck!

Author: Klara Benko

"Ako želiš promijeniti svoj život, nikad nije kasno početi raditi na sebi. Upravo tamo, u dubini, naći ćeš sve potrebno za zdravlje i dug život. Rado ću ti pomoći na tom putu".

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Od Najbolje sam dobila tijelo koje ima energije, glavu koja razmišlja o hrani, metabolizam koji je stabilan i redovit, recepte, znanje o zlom svijetu koji nas hrani kapitalizmom, a ne pravom pšenicom.


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Zelena soba je moja čahura, moje mjesto za obnovu, odmor. Volim dolaziti jer Klara uvijek pokaže da mari i brine za svoje klijente.


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Termin Klarine masaža ne propuštam! To je tretman za moje tijelo i duh.


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Danas nakon tr​eninga sam se opet izmjerila i izvagal​a​.​ ​Zna​č​i, smr​š​avila sam preko 3 kg​. ​Odu​š​evljena sam!